02/03/18 - ICAC Report on Oakden Highlights Uniqueness of Service

Key Points

  • Abuse at Oakden was unacceptable
  • Oakden was a mental health facility run by the State Government, not a mainstream residential aged care provider
  • The situation at Oakden bears no resemblance to the care provision and practices in residential aged care
  • Aged care employs 24,000 people in SA; these hard-working, committed people should not be compared to Oakden

The Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) has welcomed the report of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) into the Oakden scandal.

The Association, which represents aged care providers, said that the report highlighted Oakden was primarily a mental health service run by the State Government.

CEO Luke Westenberg said, “The conditions at Oakden were appalling and unacceptable.”

“The Commissioner was very clear that Oakden was primarily a mental health service – its client group and its operations were very different from residential aged care.”

“The abuse at Oakden bears no resemblance to the high-quality care provided in residential aged care facilities every day.”

“Aged care facilities employ 24,000 people in South Australia – their hard work and dedication to caring for older people should not be tarnished by association with the abuse at Oakden.”

ACIA has offered assistance to the SA Government in developing improved models of care for older people with severe mental health issues.

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