09/03/18 - Suicides in Aged Care, Study Shines a Light on High Quality of Aged Care

Key Points

  • Suicide rates in aged care are extremely low
  • Data is lack on suicide rates for older people in the community
  • Aged care providers work to support wellbeing for their residents
  • ACIA welcomes the efforts of researchers to generate high-quality data on aged care

The Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) has welcomed the report in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry on suicide in Australian nursing homes, stressing that the findings of the report must be taken in context.

The Association, which represents aged care providers, said that the report highlighted that rates of suicide in nursing homes are extremely low – an average of 11 deaths from 170,000 residents per year. As noted by the researchers, data is not available to make a comparison with deaths of older people in the community.

CEO Luke Westenberg said, “This research makes it clear that nursing home residents are receiving high-quality care. Aged care providers are managing common risk factors to support the wellbeing of their residents.”

“The identified risk factors are frequently found among nursing home residents – the extremely low rate of death by suicide underlines the quality of care provided by residential aged care facilities.

“We value the work of researchers in generating improved data regarding aged care. This supports our industry’s commitment to continuous improvement, by providing a robust evidence base.”

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