21/03/18 - Figures Show Aged Care Industry Providing High-Quality Care to Residents

Key Points

  • Aged care industry is committed to excellence in care
  • Aged care providers care for over 25,000 South Australians every day
  • There are 277 facilities providing residential aged care in South Australia
  • Figures show that the quality regime has encouraged ongoing improvement in practice
  • Oakden shows that staffing ratios are no silver bullet to quality problems

The Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) has welcomed the release of compliance information by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA). The Association has expressed its concern at misleading reporting of the information.

The Association, which represents aged care providers, said that the data from AACQA showed an industry achieving high-quality care provision and committed to continuous improvement.

CEO Luke Westenberg said, “There are 277 facilities in South Australia providing residential aged care; the data released by AACQA shows that 93% of these facilities were found to meet all 44 accreditation standards.”

“Notices of Non-Compliance reflect areas in which practices need improvement – they are a sign of ongoing enhancement in quality of care.”

“Reporting these figures as a sign of serious risk is a disservice to all the South Australians who receive care, and who provide care, in these facilities.”

“The real issue is how the scandalous situation at Oakden was allowed to continue – if the monitoring regime picked up areas for improvement in other facilities, how did it fail to detect abuse at Oakden?”

“ACIA has been pleased to see the Federal Government taking action to overhaul quality monitoring structures, given the failure at Oakden.”

ACIA believes in an aged care system that provides high-quality care to all older Australians and a quality monitoring and improvement system that detects and corrects poor practice.

Mr Westenberg noted that recent experience with the Oakden scandal showed that mandating staffing ratios and qualifications offered no guarantee of care quality.

“Oakden had a very high ratio of staff to residents, and very high numbers of formally-qualified staff – yet the care provision was a disgrace. This highlights that it is not numbers of staff, or qualifications, but culture and leadership that drive effective care provision.”

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