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Aged Care Providers; Member overview and benefits

ACIA has a broad purpose to:
  • provide a range of services and support to our aged care provider members, which directly assist them to achieve high standards and efficiency in the management and operation of their aged care and accommodation services; and
  • work for a legislative and regulatory environment which supports high standards and long-term viability for the aged and ageing sector.
We believe in utmost support of our age care provider members, which is offered to all organisations and companies who are providers of aged care services, direct to aged care consumers. We are constantly seeking to develop our existing services as well as add new services where appropriate.
Our members can call on our Chief Executive Officer, at any time, for assistance, information or advice.
The ACIA Board provides governance and strategic direction for the association. It is comprised of eight directors who are all senior executives of aged services organisations.
A permanent ACIA sub-committee, is the NMAS – Nursing Management Advisory Support Group. This sub-committee comprises Directors of Nursing and other senior clinical staff from our membership. One of the NMAS’s role is to provide information and support to other nursing and clinical managers. Members are welcome to contact a NMAS member for advice on any aged care nursing or nursing management issues.
ACIA maintains strong affiliations with industry through our Corporate Membership and Preferred Supplier arrangements. These organisations provide financial support to the Association and are able to supply members with quality advice, products and services in their respective markets.

Currently, the services which are fully-included with an aged care membership are:

A telephone industrial advice service provided by experienced industrial organisations.
Advice and information covering matters relevant to aged care providers as they arise, including regular updates of legislation changes.
Subscription to ACIA “Age Editor” Journal Magazine.
Access to a comprehensive education program throughout the year at Member rates, covering all aspects of aged care delivery, management, funding, compliance and other industry-related matters.

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