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With the number of Australians aged over 65 set to double by 2050, an extraordinary amount of pressure will be put on the healthcare industry.  This means double the demand for our aged care system and greater pressure on our hospitals, practitioners, pharmacies, specialists and allied health professionals.

However with this challenge comes significant opportunity for our sector – to innovate and expand services, invest in technology, partner with government and ultimately deliver better health outcomes for Australians.

NAB Health is partnering with our clients to ensure they realise these opportunities and manage the challenges of our rapidly changing industry.

Our market leading team of specialist bankers works exclusively with the healthcare industry across the country, providing comprehensive financial solutions to hospitals, aged care facilities, private health insurance providers, pharmacy groups, health supply firms and practitioners.

We firmly believe businesses should be positioning themselves now to maximise their prospects and grow their services to meet the needs of Australians who are living longer and demanding more of our industry.

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