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Hello there; Great to have you onboard! Membership news


2017-18 ACIA New Members | From 1 July 2017

Membership; bringing together corporate businesses with aged care industry member organisations.
What an enthusiastic start to our new Corporate Membership year. It has been a joy getting out meeting everyone (old members and new); to hear of your company offerings and successes, and in particular the innovations you are making, or wish to make, across the aged care sector. I look forward to working with you in the coming year. -Charlie


New Standard Corporate Members

Offered to all organisations and companies who have the capability to offer services to or wish to promote their business to ACIA members and/or their workforce.
Ennovative; an Australian cloud advisory and technology services company.
Grant Thornton Accountants; one of the world’s leading assurance, tax and advisory firms, helping organisations unlock their potential for growth by providing meaningful, forward looking advice. 
Prime Super; an independent profit-to-members superannuation fund.
The Technology 360 Group, including:
TechnologyFx; Technology for improving business
AdviceIT Consulting; Digital expertise on demand
easyemployer; revolutionising the way businesses manage their workforce.
ezypayroll; is smart payroll… employer effectiveness in workforce management, payroll and human resource functions.
Ubercare Services; designed to complement any current care arrangements, not replace them, or provide that ‘one-off’ episode of care and assistance. There are no contracts, no upfront fees – and therefore Ubercare is the perfect backup plan for the time when help is needed at the last minute.
Our full Corporate Membership list, is available here: http://www.acia.asn.au/corporate-members

Preferred Suppliers

Offered to all organisations and companies who wish to supply ACIA members with goods specific to Provider Member business or operational needs.
Milestone Chemicals; cleaning supplies (their new battery-operated vacuum cleaner is about to revolutionize and clear halls and walkways).
Point918 Printer; Labelling himself as a “Print Tragic”, Paul can help you with any printing requirement.
As the list grows, our preferred suppliers will be listed here: http://www.acia.asn.au/corporate-members/preferred-supplier-membership/preferred-suppliers-list
As always, to become a member with the Aged Care Industry Association, please contact Charlie Robinson, Membership & Marketing Manager.
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