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Changes to aged care re-accreditation under proposed new rules

In a response to the Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes led by Kate Carnell, the Government has announced new changes that will impact facilities and providers. The scandals that have rocked the Oakden nursing home were the starting point for the review, and the need to answer to issues they presented has spurred a range of new initiatives and rules.

The key change announced to date is in the way facilities receive continuing accreditation. Facilities will no longer receive notice of re-accreditation visitsl  The random checks without forewarning will be aimed at providing authorities with a better understanding of issues currently affecting care, including staffing, attention, facility maintenance etc.

ACIA and our members are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in aged care, and support a regulatory regime that contributes to this aim. ACIA will work with the Government to represent our members’ views in this change.

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Aged Care Industry Association

South Australia’s oldest residents to again cheer on the ADELAIDE 36ers

Adelaide 36ers

Congratulations Ananda Aged Care for re-signing on as a major partner of the Adelaide 36ers for the 2017/18 season basketball season, and additionally, for signing on as player sponsor for US import Ramone Moore and host of the Ananda Generation Game on Saturday 14 October.

We love this quote by Ananda Aged Care Director Preeya Adams “Sport is an important part of many of our residents’ lives and brings families together in a positive way."

A fantastic initiative.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Who are they and why do they matter?

Corporate Conversation Media Training

The Media; when media goes well, it goes very very well. However, our aged care industry has had it's fair share of negative publicity of late. In particular, Oakden alone generated an angry community, a hostile media environment and a series of challenges for aged care providers in communicating with their own residents, workforce and families.

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Aged Care Industry Association

We acknowledge our industry excellence, innovation and leadership


We acknowledged the land we met on as the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and South Australia to be a wonderful place for everyone to live, however we also acknowledged our interstate guests who had travelled to be with us. We acknowledged the diversity of cultures in Australia and in the room, and, we paid respect to our migrant elders, traditions and their interests, as well as those of the people we care for. We acknowledged the diversity of skills, as well as the diversity of ages in our industry.

We acknowledged our key sponsors; Provider Assist, HESTA, GEEK, and Prime Medical Placements... and our Raffle Prize sponsors; LeeCare Solutions, Underdale Cellars, Villis Cafe and City-Bay…

The Award nominations for 2017 were submitted by residents, family or friends, co-workers, immediate supervisors and site managers, to name a few. We were thrilled to share we had received the highest number of nominations for these Awards and we thank everyone who nominated someone. In their best words, they carefully explained to our judges their nominee’s contribution to the aged care industry; demonstrating either:

Excellence; Going above and beyond what is considered general practice to implement process or service improvements for aged care consumers.

Innovation; Generating creative innovation(s) with significant positive outcomes in their own field.

Leadership; Encouraging others to make a difference to the lives of our elderly Australians.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Significantly Refurbished Status – what does it mean for your Facility?

Significantly Refurbished Status

The status of significantly refurbished comes with a few great benefits – besides having top quality facilities for your residents, it also means a higher rate of the Accommodation Supplement.

This means from the 20th of March 2017 you are eligible to receive up to $55.09 per day for all of your Residents who are supported by the Government for their accommodation costs (if you are also meeting the Supported Ratio).
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Aged Care Industry Association

‘Energising the industry with compassion’ - summary with thanks


Compassion; It just takes a small act each day

Our summary with thanks...

We filled the room with the doTERRA Invigorating Essential Oil Blend, and along with our Guest Speakers Shannon and Mary, set the scene for our first ever Energising the Industry event. We shared the opportunity to excel at customer service and to be leaders in our approach to work, and to allow compassionate outcomes in more than just a feel-good way; a way which will assist you to deliver bottom line best results and have people (customers) seeking out your services.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Caring for carers: how to stop your people burning out

How to stop your people burning out

The sector is full of employees who just keep giving, until sometimes there is nothing left for them or their families. What does that mean for you as a manager? You want to get the best from your people, but at the same time, it’s got to be sustainable. Working in care is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Sales is No Longer a Dirty Word, in Community Aged Care

Sales is No Longer a Dirty Word

Community Aged Care is undergoing significant reform.

With an increasingly open and competitive market where the consumer choice is at the centre, providers can no longer assume the safety of a guaranteed steady level of income.

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Aged Care Industry Association

The journey to a Consumer driven marketplace starts with innovation


New Corporate Member | Ubercare

ACIA’s vision is for an aged care sector that is valued, trusted and respected for its commitment to high-quality care for our elder Australians, and for the value it contributes to our society and economy.

ACIA CEO, Luke Westenberg says, “It is an exciting time to be an aged care provider in Australia as there have been significant changes to legislation, policy and providers since the beginning of the year, creating a contemporary marketplace driven by the consumer and supported through innovative solutions.”
He continued, “It is also an exciting time for South Australia to be able to showcase these new models for supporting our industry and Ubercare are part of this equation. We respect the need for diversity in the age care provider space, especially in a market driven by the consumer.”
The Ubercare service is designed to complement any current care arrangements by a consumer, not replace them. As there are no contracts or upfront fees, Ubercare’s take up within this niche provides a backup plan for consumers when help is needed at the last minute, meaning our aged Australians will certainly benefit.
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Aged Care Industry Association

Energising the industry with compassion | Oakden Masterclass with NMAS


‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Panel Discussion

Tuesday 1st August
Breakfast from 7.30am with Guest Speaker Mary Freer
Masterclass from 9.30am - 11.30am
Location: Arkaba Osmond Room, Fullarton Road
Members: $55
Non-Members $65
Bookings: Either email us for an invoice via enquiry@acia.asn.au or book direct online https://www.trybooking.com/QKOW

Every activity we perform has an outcome; in our world, we hope outcomes are filled with the love, dignity and respect we all deserve. However, sometimes things go wrong. So wrong in fact, it impacts us all. The recent issues around Oakden provide one such scenario.

The entire aged care industry has been challenged by the developments at Oakden and we need to have an open discussion, with compassion, as to how we can manage and learn from scenarios like this.
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Aged Care Industry Association

Inspiration; Going purple with art at Ananda Aged Care


On June 15th Ananda Aged Care went PURPLE in support of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (#WEAAD).

Their facilities, located at Hope Valley and Findon, embraced WEAAD's colour and the message it symbolises, with staff ditching their uniform in favour of casual purple clothing as well as specially designed Ananda bandanas.
On the day, a special ceremony was held to also unveil #WEAAD inspired art created by residents.
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Aged Care Industry Association

My life inside an aged-care home


We share Mary's beautiful story today, 15 June 2017, on World Elder Abuse Day, as a reminder and praise of our service and care to our elderly. Thank you to those of you who dedicate your lives to the support of the elderly, and the positive difference you make to the life of others.

World Elder Abuse Day is an opportunity for us all to reflect and to promote awareness of elder abuse in the community and what we can all do to stop it – both as individuals and as a community. ACIA CEO Luke Westenberg says, “WEAAD is an opportunity to make the community aware that many older people experience mistreatment from people close to them, often their family members (‘elder abuse’).“

Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is carried out by someone they know and trust, such as a family member or friend. The abuse may be physical, social, financial, psychological or sexual and can include mistreatment and neglect.

ACIA support all community activity which raises awareness to help stop all forms of elder abuse.

ACIA Board Member, Dr Pooja Newman who is the Clinical Director for Ananda Aged Care, shared today, "We see the older person as the keeper of history, the privileged to have memories of the past and are excited about the prospect of reminiscence with a meaningful account to make yesteryear shine brightly. One can only move forwards with a grounded comprehension of the past for a steady foundation of the future."

Here is Mary's story.

Mary is an aged care resident living within an Estia Health facility.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Zurich discusses Cyber Crime


Let's consider what is a Cyber Crime, and more importantly for your aged care business, what does your insurance policy cover in relation to Cyber Crime?

Firstly, Cyber Crimer is...
  • Identity Theft
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Use of Malware
  • Use of Viruses
  • Computer & Network Hacking
  • Online Scams
  • Phishing Scams
  • Fraud
  • Information Theft
  • Extortion.

Is Cyber Crime therefore, the downside of Technology?

Cyber-crime is one of the most prevalent risks facing businesses today.
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Aged Care Industry Association

Social Media Access and Ransomware; Are you at risk?


A question posed by Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, “Does your [hospital] allow regular employees (non-Communications or Marketing) access to Facebook and Twitter via workstations, or is it blocked? If access is currently allowed, has your [hospital] been considering blocking social sites in the wake of #WannaCry and related malware/ransomware attacks?

ACIA’s Membership and Marketing Manager Charlie-Helen Robinson, who is “Mayo Clinic Social Media for Health Professional” trained said, “Generally, users of social media platforms do not need to worry about virus and ransomware attacks due to their very nature of being delivered by mobile or browsers, however given the severity of the recent ransomware attacks and Lee Aase’s own questioning, I thought it prudent to seek advice from our IT Consultants, at GEEK.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Reaching goals


"I had to wait 110 years to become famous. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible." ~Jeanne Louise Calment (1875-1997)


We encourage you to reflect the concept of Positive Aging.

In this education session we look at how to coach clients to set, plan and achieve positive goals.

Let's celebrate ageing and highlight the fact ageing can be an opportunity and not a burden.

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Aged Care Industry Association

SA's Power Supply


Aged care industry calls for action on SA's power supply

For South Australian aged care providers, today’s blackout may be the third power loss since December – and summer is not even halfway through.


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Aged Care Industry Association

ACIA Education Program


Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) is an independent service and advocacy body for Aged Care in South Australia. ACIA is dedicated to fostering professionalism and excellence in all aspects of aged care and accommodation services.

ACIA is committed to providing a program of education which is relevant to the changing needs of the sector. This is a dynamic sector, which is constantly evolving in terms of professional standards and best practice, in an environment of rapid legislative and regulatory reform.

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