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Our news provides thought provoking articles analysing aged care trends. We showcase examples of great care, include marketplace insights by very clever people, share research papers from critical thinkers and layout helpful facts for your consideration.

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Age Editor Spring 2017

Age Editor Spring 2017

Thought leadership for energising and innovating.

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Energising our Foyer; In time for SALA




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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Hello there; Great to have you onboard! Membership news


2017-18 ACIA New Members | From 1 July 2017

Membership; bringing together corporate businesses with aged care industry member organisations.
What an enthusiastic start to our new Corporate Membership year. It has been a joy getting out meeting everyone (old members and new); to hear of your company offerings and successes, and in particular the innovations you are making, or wish to make, across the aged care sector. I look forward to working with you in the coming year. -Charlie


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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Why Australian Care Organisations Need to Embrace Technology

A question posed by the by Aged Care Channel (ACC) Australia | May 30, 2017

The Aged Care Channel say, "Technology is rapidly changing around the globe. The adult social care industry is not immune to these changes. An organisation’s ability to transform will have a significant impact on their ability to stay current. Australian Care organisations need to embrace technology because of the countless benefits that are offered."

They go on to say, "It's imperative you remain competitive across the industry. If you don't embrace the technology and other care homes do, it will make it harder to attract new business."

We, at ACIA, agree.

In fact, so much so, we are currently offering a course to look at the trending technology in aged care. We encourage you to consider. Why?

One great example...

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Have you considered Corporate Membership?

Corporate members bring vital life into the overall work of ACIA. They bring knowledge, learnings and offerings within their specialised fields.The Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA) is a South Australia-based peak body for organisations involved in provision of care and services to older people. We are the only Australian aged care peak body whose membership includes NFPs, small private and large, multi-state operators. We are also the only Australian aged care peak body headquartered in SA. ACIA’s services and resources will continue to evolve and expand, to encourage high standards, efficiency and innovation in the management and operation of our member’s facilities.Through our corporate memberships and sponsors, ACIA has developed dedicated partnerships with a range of organisations and companies who supply services, products and advice in to the aged care industry.To become a corporate member for the 2017-2018 FY, please contact Charlie Robinson, Membership & Marketing Manager.

To review our current corporate members click here

NB: This list will update as at end June 2017.

To consider corporate membership and its benefits click here

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

The 'Editor'

From September we will be entering a new era of engagement from the Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA). Namely, we will be producing and releasing our own digital Journal publication for you to flip through and read, online.

Nicknamed the "Editor", the final publication will contain a plethora of authors, however ACIA will be responsible for determining the final content of the publication, so it seems fitting. And while the final name may change, we've agreed the general contents and will provide thought provoking articles analysing aged care trends, we will showcase examples of great care, include marketplace insights by very clever people, share research papers from critical thinkers and layout helpful facts for your consideration.

The Australian aged care industry is a rapidly growing and changing sector and ACIA believes in the value of good advice and education to support members in their journey through the aged care industry regulatory changes. This will be one way we can achieve this together. We know aged care is entering unchartered territory ie with more people living longer and living independently - so this publication will be a timely addition, to open the discussion (and debate) around aged care.

If you would like to write editorials, articles or journal entries for this publication, ask me how.

ACIA is the only Australian aged care peak body whose membership covers Not-For-Profits, small private as well as large, multi-state operators. However, the best part is we are also the only Australian aged care peak body headquartered in South Australia.

That makes us proudly South Australian, covering a Global topic.


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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Our CEO Luke Westenberg


As ACIA's CEO, Luke Westenberg lends his support to our member organisations within the aged care industry; a rapidly growing and changing sector, supporting high standards and long-term viability for the aged and ageing sector.

Luke embraces a considered approach having worked across all levels of government, as well as the community/not-for-profit sectors. He has worked with member organisations to respond and advocate for their particular issues arising such as aged care workforce issues, including representation, monitoring of regulatory environment and engagement with regulatory reviews. 

Many ACIA members feel South Australia’s issues are unique and as Luke explains, “We’ve got the oldest population of mainland states and the state (of South Australia) is the largest provider of aged care.” 

ACIA believes South Australia can help at an international level, and sees opportunities with our Asian neighbours, as Luke explains, “We can help with models of care, build systems and bring experience,” he says. “We can help it leap frog some of the experiences we’ve had to revise later down the track.”

ACIA has over 60 members, consisting of around 80 per cent private: 20 per cent not for profit members. Since its formation, ACIA has been providing member support through training and seminars and working with Federal MPs and State Government.

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Key strategies for the prevention of injuries


A key strategy in the prevention of injuries, is the development of practices and procedures to make the workplace safe. ... the psychosocial safety score reflects the adequacy of your practices and processes that have been shown to support good psychological health in the workplace.

How to understand the workplace culture theory of a 'Psychosocial Safety Climate' is being presented by Robert Bowden, the Director of Xtra AgedCare and Xtra HomeCare in the Workplace Culture & Return to Work - Early Intervention & Prevention education session, being held:

Tuesday 27 June 2017, 09:30am - 12:00pm

Click to book now.Work Xtra is truly unique in the Aged Care industry.

Everything they do is evidence-based.

Every program they deliver uses science to achieve results, whether they are training kitchen hands to lift properly or helping a CEO lift morale among 300 staff.

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