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Aged Care Industry Association

Who are they and why do they matter?

Corporate Conversation Media Training

The Media; when media goes well, it goes very very well. However, our aged care industry has had it's fair share of negative publicity of late. In particular, Oakden alone generated an angry community, a hostile media environment and a series of challenges for aged care providers in communicating with their own residents, workforce and families.

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Aged Care Industry Association

‘Energising the industry with compassion’ - summary with thanks


Compassion; It just takes a small act each day

Our summary with thanks...

We filled the room with the doTERRA Invigorating Essential Oil Blend, and along with our Guest Speakers Shannon and Mary, set the scene for our first ever Energising the Industry event. We shared the opportunity to excel at customer service and to be leaders in our approach to work, and to allow compassionate outcomes in more than just a feel-good way; a way which will assist you to deliver bottom line best results and have people (customers) seeking out your services.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Energising the industry with compassion | Oakden Masterclass with NMAS


‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Panel Discussion

Tuesday 1st August
Breakfast from 7.30am with Guest Speaker Mary Freer
Masterclass from 9.30am - 11.30am
Location: Arkaba Osmond Room, Fullarton Road
Members: $55
Non-Members $65
Bookings: Either email us for an invoice via enquiry@acia.asn.au or book direct online https://www.trybooking.com/QKOW

Every activity we perform has an outcome; in our world, we hope outcomes are filled with the love, dignity and respect we all deserve. However, sometimes things go wrong. So wrong in fact, it impacts us all. The recent issues around Oakden provide one such scenario.

The entire aged care industry has been challenged by the developments at Oakden and we need to have an open discussion, with compassion, as to how we can manage and learn from scenarios like this.
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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Why Australian Care Organisations Need to Embrace Technology

A question posed by the by Aged Care Channel (ACC) Australia | May 30, 2017

The Aged Care Channel say, "Technology is rapidly changing around the globe. The adult social care industry is not immune to these changes. An organisation’s ability to transform will have a significant impact on their ability to stay current. Australian Care organisations need to embrace technology because of the countless benefits that are offered."

They go on to say, "It's imperative you remain competitive across the industry. If you don't embrace the technology and other care homes do, it will make it harder to attract new business."

We, at ACIA, agree.

In fact, so much so, we are currently offering a course to look at the trending technology in aged care. We encourage you to consider. Why?

One great example...

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Charlie-Helen Robinson

Key strategies for the prevention of injuries


A key strategy in the prevention of injuries, is the development of practices and procedures to make the workplace safe. ... the psychosocial safety score reflects the adequacy of your practices and processes that have been shown to support good psychological health in the workplace.

How to understand the workplace culture theory of a 'Psychosocial Safety Climate' is being presented by Robert Bowden, the Director of Xtra AgedCare and Xtra HomeCare in the Workplace Culture & Return to Work - Early Intervention & Prevention education session, being held:

Tuesday 27 June 2017, 09:30am - 12:00pm

Click to book now.Work Xtra is truly unique in the Aged Care industry.

Everything they do is evidence-based.

Every program they deliver uses science to achieve results, whether they are training kitchen hands to lift properly or helping a CEO lift morale among 300 staff.

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Aged Care Industry Association

Reaching goals


"I had to wait 110 years to become famous. I wanted to enjoy it as long as possible." ~Jeanne Louise Calment (1875-1997)


We encourage you to reflect the concept of Positive Aging.

In this education session we look at how to coach clients to set, plan and achieve positive goals.

Let's celebrate ageing and highlight the fact ageing can be an opportunity and not a burden.

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