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Energising the industry with compassion | Oakden Masterclass with NMAS


‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Panel Discussion

Tuesday 1st August
Breakfast from 7.30am with Guest Speaker Mary Freer
Masterclass from 9.30am - 11.30am
Location: Arkaba Osmond Room, Fullarton Road
Members: $55
Non-Members $65
Bookings: Either email us for an invoice via enquiry@acia.asn.au or book direct online https://www.trybooking.com/QKOW

Every activity we perform has an outcome; in our world, we hope outcomes are filled with the love, dignity and respect we all deserve. However, sometimes things go wrong. So wrong in fact, it impacts us all. The recent issues around Oakden provide one such scenario.

The entire aged care industry has been challenged by the developments at Oakden and we need to have an open discussion, with compassion, as to how we can manage and learn from scenarios like this.
The Australian aged care industry is a rapidly growing and changing sector and ACIA believes in the value of good advice and education to support members in their journey through the industry’s changes. We encourage and praise you for your service and care to older people, and the positive difference you make to the lives of others. We thank all those who dedicate their lives to the support of older people.
However, Oakden has generated an angry community, a hostile media environment and a series of challenges for aged care providers in communicating with their own residents, workforce and families. Even though, in the strict sense of the word, Oakden may not be an “Aged Care” service per se'  but a mental health service for older people; at times like these we might question our own drive to continue the work we do, even when we know this fact.
ACIA works to encourage a legislative and regulatory environment supporting high standards and long-term viability for the aged care industry as a whole. This includes looking at lessons learnt from cases such as Oakden; to draw on experiences and to improve our own services and industry. To also reflect on previous case studies which have resulted in this current environment of “nervous care”.
The panel will discuss and share how they manage their own operations with transparency and oversight – which when combined with an apparent culture of senior staff not wanting to know what the problems were, became one of the key issues at Oakden. They will also discuss the issues raised by the Chief Psychiatrist’s report which impact and provide potential challenges for all aged care providers (e.g., the impact of a small number of staff on practices; low staff morale; financial challenges).
It is also important, when challenging cases arise, to take the time to celebrate the tireless dedication of our aged care staff, and the positive difference they to make to the life of others.
This Masterclass is offered, in the first instance, to attendees of the ACIA Breakfast Series event, “Energising the industry with compassion” with Mary Freer. It will examine the Oakden case with a view also to reflecting on the increasing media scrutiny faced by organisations in the current aged care environment and the importance of planning ahead and being prepared in the event of a crisis.

‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Panel Discussion Members

  • Pru Mounsey, Bonney Healthcare Group, infin8care.com.au (NMAS Chair)
  • Andrea Sander, Allity
  • Astrid Little, Allity
  • Florence Padman, Premier Health Care
  • Joy Murch, Rosha Group
  • Karen Daniels, Ananda Aged Care
  • Minnie Gim, Edenfield Family Care
  • Paul Conlon, Estia Health

Assisted by;

Luke Westenberg, ACIA CEO
Mary Freer, FreerThinking
Bio; Mary Freer brings to the challenge of reforming our existing health and social care services a strong focus on long term, co-created, large-scale change. Change that has the individual right at the centre.
Louise Marsh, Corporate Conversations
Bio; CC creates crisis management plans tailored to a specific business’s risks, ensuring senior executives are well-positioned to communicate effectively and in a timely fashion should a crisis situation occur.

Who are the ‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Group?

Previously the Care Management Executive (CME) Committee, this has re-branded in line with ACIA’s new vision and mission philosophy to be the ‘Nursing/Management Advice & Support’ (NMAS) Group. This group consists of up to 10 of our members who meet monthly.
NMAS collectively ensure nurses working in aged care have a voice and are supported with access to quality education relevant to care management and clinical practice, while monitoring current and future directions in aged care and the needs of Australia’s ageing population.
The NMAS Chair, Pru Mounsey, Bonney Healthcare Group (infin8care.com.au) said at the time of the CME to NMAS rebrand, "We operate in a highly litigious environment with increasing consumer expectations, increasing levels of resident acuity and ongoing work force challenges. What has remained consistent however is the passion, commitment and drive that we continue to see amongst the great leaders within the Industry, who continue to advocate for improved outcomes of care and service within a resident centric model of care; and with a dedicated team of staff who often go above and beyond what is required or expected."
ACIA recognises these challenges and continues to build this team of senior professionals who act as an advisory body for the sector in South Australia, providing advice to the ACIA Board as well as the Industry in general, on issues related to care management and clinical practice that are both current and beneficial.
For media enquiries about this Eductaion Masterclass, please contact Charlie-Helen Robinson.
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