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‘Energising the industry with compassion’ - summary with thanks


Compassion; It just takes a small act each day

Our summary with thanks...

We filled the room with the doTERRA Invigorating Essential Oil Blend, and along with our Guest Speakers Shannon and Mary, set the scene for our first ever Energising the Industry event. We shared the opportunity to excel at customer service and to be leaders in our approach to work, and to allow compassionate outcomes in more than just a feel-good way; a way which will assist you to deliver bottom line best results and have people (customers) seeking out your services.


As Mary says, “There is so much opportunity to create positive social change; however, we need to realise how enormously powerful we all are and harness that ability and opportunity, to create better outcomes for our clients, our patients or our customers.
Mary encouraged us to be leaders who embody compassion and lead with clarity, even in difficult times. During the Oakden Panel Discussion which followed the Energising Breakfast, we consistently heard words spoken such as professional integrity, setting expectations, fostering best practice, purpose, value and clarity. We also heard the great sum up by Paul Conlon, Estia Health “There is always going to be bad (in any industry, anywhere), what are the learnings so I/we can be better?”
Pru Mounsey, Infinite Care and our NMAS Chair said, “Can we look to other industries, like child care for example, to appreciate how they manage their openness and transparency?”.
Florence Padman from Premier Healthcare, “We need to demonstrate strong visible leadership, to ‘inspect what we expect’, to maintain professional integrity and set our expectations. We need to look inside our own cultures and embrace the leaders at all levels of the organisation, from cleaners, carers and CEOs, and work with them to instil a vibrant culture.”
Louise Marsh, Corporate Conversations said, “Establish relationships with media channels early on and continue to gain strength by becoming a source they can rely on for stories. Think of stories which might capture their interest, because for example, it’s the first time something has happened… the biggest or the best of something etc… in other words, build goodwill with them.”
From Minnie Gim, Edenfield Family Care, “We are in the people industry. Get to know our people; whether you are caring for them – or working with them. Find out who they are as people.”
Mary’s next Compassion Lab is a 2 day program (7-8 September) – grounded in evidence based understandings of how we can deliver our best in environments that are characterised by high stress levels, complexity and workload. We encourage you to book your place.

Our thanks go to;

Guest Speakers
Shannon Sanderson, Aged Care Channel
Mary Freer, FreerThinking Compassion Lab
Our NMAS Panel Members
Corporate Conversations (Louise Marsh)
DoTERRA Essential Oils (Suz Davidson)
Milestone Chemicals (Steve & Drew)
Flatout Fitness (Mark Panes)

ACIA’s Breakfast Series

Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients you need that lead to increased concentration, in the classroom, at work or even at home. If we are to energise our industry together, let’s continue with the inspiring speakers, the healthy conversation and welcoming start to the day over a nourishing breakfast.
Wednesday 4th October @ 7.30am
Location: Arkaba, Fullarton Road
Members: $55
Non-Members $65
We will serve a cooked breakfast for this event.
Please advise dietary requirements.
Bookings: Email us for an invoice via enquiry@acia.asn.au or book direct online https://www.trybooking.com/QQUP
Guest Speakers; Moments of Truth
Chris Westacott, The Realise Performance HR Benchmarking Survey
David Papa, Partner Assurance and Advisory, Bentleys SA Pty Ltd

Once again, a Masterclass/Discussion will be made available after the Breakfast with more details and speaker list to follow.
Please contact me, Charlie for available sponsorship opportunities for our Breakfast Series of events.
Significantly Refurbished Status – what does it me...
Caring for carers: how to stop your people burning...

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