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Significantly Refurbished Status – what does it mean for your Facility?

Significantly Refurbished Status

The status of significantly refurbished comes with a few great benefits – besides having top quality facilities for your residents, it also means a higher rate of the Accommodation Supplement.

This means from the 20th of March 2017 you are eligible to receive up to $55.09 per day for all of your Residents who are supported by the Government for their accommodation costs (if you are also meeting the Supported Ratio).
This may also mean that your Low Means Residents can contribute a higher amount to their accommodation costs than they were previously.

How do I work out how much my Low Means Resident can contribute to their accommodation costs?

If your Facility is significantly refurbished and meeting the Supported Ratio you can receive $55.09 per day (if you continue to meet that criteria, this is your facility’s maximum accommodation supplement) for your Low Means Residents.

The $55.09 per day can be made up of:

  • Means Tested Accommodation Supplement (MTAS) and;
  • Resident’s accommodation contribution: this can be paid through the Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) and/or the Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC).


The Department of Human Services should send you a letter stating the amount the accommodation contribution that your resident is now eligible to pay. This will be listed in the daily amount (DAC), so if your resident would prefer to pay partially or fully in lump sum form (RAC) you will need to convert this.

Originally published by our Premium Corporate Member Provider Assist 24 March 2017.


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