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South Australia’s oldest residents to again cheer on the ADELAIDE 36ers

Adelaide 36ers

Congratulations Ananda Aged Care for re-signing on as a major partner of the Adelaide 36ers for the 2017/18 season basketball season, and additionally, for signing on as player sponsor for US import Ramone Moore and host of the Ananda Generation Game on Saturday 14 October.

We love this quote by Ananda Aged Care Director Preeya Adams “Sport is an important part of many of our residents’ lives and brings families together in a positive way."

A fantastic initiative.


More than 200 of South Australia’s oldest residents will cheer on the Adelaide 36ers this basketball season following a major sponsorship with Ananda Aged Care.

Ananda Aged Care became the first aged care provider in Australia to become a major sponsor of a National Basketball League (NBL) team last year.

This Wednesday 13 September it will re-sign as a major partner for the 2017/18 season. It will also sign on as player sponsor for US import Ramone Moore and host the Ananda Generation Game on Saturday 14 October.

Ananda residents will host regular visits from Adelaide 36ers players throughout the season to shoot hoops together and share their wisdom. Residents will attend training sessions and cheer on the team at home games, with their family members.

Staff will also benefit from the sponsorship arrangement via professional development motivational opportunities with 36ers coach Joey Wright.

Ananda is one of the last remaining locally-owned boutique aged care providers in South Australia and is home to more than 200 residents across two facilities at Findon and Hope Valley. The organisation is family-owned and run by sisters Preeya Adams and Pooja Newman.

Ananda Aged Care Director Preeya Adams said: “Sport is an important part of many of our residents’ lives and brings families together in a positive way.

“Our partnership with the Adelaide 36ers reinforces Ananda’s strong family values, high professional standards and intergenerational approach to aged care.

Ananda Aged Care Director Pooja Newman said: “We are also pleased to sponsor team player Ramone Moore. He is a wonderful father and family man, has shown hard work and dedication to his professional career and shares Ananda’s core values.

“We look forward to involving our residents, their families, staff and the wider community in a range of activities to cheer on the Adelaide 36ers this season.”

Adelaide 36ers CEO Guy Hedderwick said: “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Ananda. Family is a very important part of our club and it’s fantastic to work with an organisation that shares those same core values and beliefs.

“It is a partnership we value greatly and I would like to thank Ananda for their continued support and look forward to our partnership continuing to flourish.”

For further information contact Ben Smeaton at Corporate Conversation on 08 8224 3535 or 0488 940 010 or ben.smeaton@corporateconversation.com.au


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