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age editor spring 2017
In our inaugural edition, we discuss the grand challenge for society, whether innovative policies and regulations are more effective than technological development in delivering benefit to the patient, and whether staffing ratios in aged care are unresponsive to policy settings.
We hear the views of Mary, an aged care resident and Steve, a retiree and celebrate leadership driven by compassion. Pru Mounsey, our NMAS Chair said at our first Energsing the Industry event, “Can we look to other industries, like child care for example, to appreciate how they manage their openness and transparency?”. Every activity we perform has an outcome; in our world, we hope outcomes are filled with the love, dignity and the respect we all deserve.
ACIA represents and advocates for the common interests of aged care providers, ensuring our sector can focus on what unites us – a commitment to high-quality care for older Australians.
Charlie-Helen Robinson
Marketing and Memberships


Previous news:

From September 2017 we will be entering a new era of engagement from the Aged Care Industry Association (ACIA). Namely, we will be producing and releasing our own digital Journal publication for you to flip through and read, online.

Nicknamed the "Editor", the final publication will contain a plethora of authors, however ACIA will be responsible for determining the final content of the publication, so it seems fitting. And while the final name may change, we've agreed the general contents and will provide thought provoking articles analysing aged care trends, we will showcase examples of great care, include marketplace insights by very clever people, share research papers from critical thinkers and layout helpful facts for your consideration.

The Australian aged care industry is a rapidly growing and changing sector and ACIA believes in the value of good advice and education to support members in their journey through the aged care industry regulatory changes. This will be one way we can achieve this together. We know aged care is entering unchartered territory ie with more people living longer and living independently - so this publication will be a timely addition, to open the discussion (and debate) around aged care.

If you would like to write editorials, articles or journal entries for this publication, ask us how.


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