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We acknowledge our industry excellence, innovation and leadership


We acknowledged the land we met on as the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and South Australia to be a wonderful place for everyone to live, however we also acknowledged our interstate guests who had travelled to be with us. We acknowledged the diversity of cultures in Australia and in the room, and, we paid respect to our migrant elders, traditions and their interests, as well as those of the people we care for. We acknowledged the diversity of skills, as well as the diversity of ages in our industry.

We acknowledged our key sponsors; Provider Assist, HESTA, GEEK, and Prime Medical Placements... and our Raffle Prize sponsors; LeeCare Solutions, Underdale Cellars, Villis Cafe and City-Bay…

The Award nominations for 2017 were submitted by residents, family or friends, co-workers, immediate supervisors and site managers, to name a few. We were thrilled to share we had received the highest number of nominations for these Awards and we thank everyone who nominated someone. In their best words, they carefully explained to our judges their nominee’s contribution to the aged care industry; demonstrating either:

Excellence; Going above and beyond what is considered general practice to implement process or service improvements for aged care consumers.

Innovation; Generating creative innovation(s) with significant positive outcomes in their own field.

Leadership; Encouraging others to make a difference to the lives of our elderly Australians.



Danielle Doorne - Regional Clinical Education & Governance, Klemzig Residential Care

When nominating, people said, “In only 8 short months, Danielle has supported resident-centric change initiatives to improve clinical and care service delivery for 386 residents across the South Australian Region. Danielle was focussed on achieving service excellence for approximately 40% of residents who had some form of authorised physical restraint. Her tenacity and dedication to industry evidence based best practice and service improvements, resulted in less than 4% of residents now being supported by authorised physical restraints. Danielle’s passion and the success of improving outcomes for the residents has resulted in the organisation rolling out the program as a major quality initiative to the other four residential facilities as a major policy change.


Renee Wichmann - Lifestyle Coordinator, Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care

When nominating, people said, “Renee has a passion for enriching the lives of residents, using entertainment to bring the fun back into day to day goings on. Acknowledging and understanding the difficulties of some relatives who live across Australia or overseas, as in, being so far from their loved ones who may not be able to chat to them on the phone or use their own personal email or Skype anymore; Renee introduced monthly email newsletters to help keep these distant relatives in touch, to share photos of their relatives participating in various outings and activities, as well as to help them keep abreast of important information on a regular basis. There are many more examples within her nomination.

Award Joint Winner(s) - INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP

Scott Morton - Head Chef at Estia Health Salisbury East

When nominating, people said, “Commitment and ability to provide a superior level of food standards to the residents is what makes Scott’s work stand out from the crowd. He mingles in the dining room to seek feedback from residents and teaches new Food Service Assistants how to better present meals, for example, giving tips on how to work efficiently to bring quality meals to our residents every meal. He personally reviews resident menus to ensure foods haven’t been selected where an allergy exists, and consults with the resident if this has occurred to explain to them why it isn’t suitable for them to have. He also conducts monthly meetings with kitchen staff, the Executive and Care Directors regarding site specific, company or legislative updates.

Janice Braun - Director of Care at Gloucester Residential Care

When nominating, people said, “Janice is an outstanding manager and strong leader, who ensures a holistic approach to the best care of our residents while supporting and mentoring a great team of staff. She looks at the mind, body and spirit of the residents, as well as her staff, and she is a well-respected leader who continues to strive for excellence in aged care. There has been numerous projects she has established within the nursing home eg Specific gravity (relating to UTI,s) and hydration program.

Again, congratulations to all finalists and winners.

Industry Excellence

  • Daniel McGee - Minda Pat Kaufmann Centre
  • Danielle Doorne - Infinite Klemzig Residential Care (Winner)
  • Jasdeep Kaur - Estia Heath Burton
  • Julie Gueverra - Ananda Aged Care
  • Julie Simpson - St Paul's Lutheran Homes Hahndorf
  • Karola Harris - Oakwood Aged Care (Finalist)
  • Kaye Murphy and Margaret Buse - Estia Health Craigmore
  • My Path Lifestyle Programme - Minda Nursing Home (Finalist)

Industry Innovation

  • Nicole Healey - St Pauls Lutheran Homes Hahndorf (Finalist)
  • Renee Wichmann - Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care (Winner)
  • Sally Feo - Ananda Aged Care
  • Tim Collins - Serene Residential Care (Finalist)

Industry Leadership

  • Giovanna Piacquadio - Infinite Churchill Retreat (Finalist)
  • Jacqui Beale - Ananda Aged Care
  • Janice Braun - Gloucester Residential (Winner)
  • Josie Woll - Oakwood Aged Care
  • Kiran Dhillon - Salisbury Private Nursing Home
  • Natalie Cullen - Infinite Christies Beach Residential Care
  • Scott Morton - Estia Health Salisbury East (Winner)
  • Sue Toner - St Louis Nursing Home
  • Tim Collins - St Georges Park
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