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Corporate Conversation Media Training

The Media; when media goes well, it goes very very well. However, our aged care industry has had it's fair share of negative publicity of late. In particular, Oakden alone generated an angry community, a hostile media environment and a series of challenges for aged care providers in communicating with their own residents, workforce and families.

It is time to upskill and develop the techniques and key messages that are not only useful for dealing with media (radio, print, tv, online) but also with general communication with non-media audiences such as residents and their families.

We have listed two sessions for Media Training and encourage Company Spokespersons, Executives, Senior Managers, Media and Communications Personnel and/or anyone in a general management, community facing or customer service role to participate in this hands on training session provided by Ben Hooper from Corporate Conversation.
It's a question of, can you afford to not have this training?
Louise Marsh, from Corporate Conversation said at our 'Energising the Industry with Compassion' event, “Establish relationships with media channels early on and continue to gain strength by becoming a source they can rely on for stories. Think of stories which might capture their interest, (ie) because for example, it’s the first time something has happened… the biggest or the best of something etc…  in other words, build goodwill with them.”

Corporate Conversation Media Training

The interactive session will cover interview techniques, tips and traps, and will help to identify the key messages for participants to take to any interview.
And with a career spanning almost 20 years in media and public relations, Ben is a trusted communications advisor to some of Australia’s leading companies and organisations. His clients span a broad selection of industry sectors including finance, manufacturing, infrastructure, aged care, technology, food & beverage, professional services, tourism and property.

Prior to working in public relations, Ben was a leading business journalist. Now as a Senior Consultant with Corporate Conversation, he offers his clients exceptional media advice and a deadline-focused approach to a wide array of communication services - including media training and issues management.
To book or read more; please visit: http://www.acia.asn.au/course-schedule-events
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